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VW T6 Campervan Dashboard
20 JULY 2017

The differences between the VW T5 Campervan and the new VW T6 Campervan

The latest model Transporter VW T6 has a few differences from its predecessor the VW T5:

  • There have been many changes under the bonnet with improved engines with more efficiency and the addition of a Euro 6 engine.
  • The biggest and most obvious changes have occurred on the inside where there is a whole new dash and door linings.
  • All VW T6’s now come with a DAB radio with a 5-inch touchscreen display, Bluetooth connectivity and USB port as standard.
  • Modest alterations to the ride and handling may appear small but are noticeable with a more refined driver experience.

Externally there are some relatively small changes to the look and styling of the VW T6:

  • To start with there are a new range of external body colours only available on the new T6.
  • The front bumper has a wider, lower grill with black inserts. The second lower grill now incorporates the front fog lights, whilst the higher grill has a chrome strip running through the VW badge.
  • The headlights are subtly different being more angular and raked but this is quite noticeable when parked alongside a T5.
  • The side indicators have been moved up slightly to a crease line in the front wing and now have a larger black surround to them.
  • The rear tailgate profile has changed with the addition of a cut-out around the rear number plate.



Bonnet & Bumpers


Side View

Rear View


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