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If you are converting a panel van into a campervan, you need to consider whether you want to re-register the vehicle as a motorhome with the DVLA.

Download our Completion Pack to learn more about the requirements to re-register your campervan.

Stowford Campervan Completion Pack

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One of the things the Stowford team brings to the job of Campervan Conversions is technical excellence and qualifications from our heritage as a longstanding Caravan and Motorhome Dealership. In practice this means a range of qualifications and a level of expertise that is rare to find within the Campervan Conversion sector. Our technicians each work towards a range of qualifications which include the following:

National Caravan Council (NCC) Training Academy Certification in Electrical Testing and Inspection.

Under UK legislation, persons working with electricity must be instructed or skilled. This NCC electrical maintenance, Test & Inspection, course has been designed to cover the relevant skills that will provide a caravan service technician, the level of competence appropriate to carry out electrical work on touring caravans and motorhomes. The course is considered the minimum standard for anyone working on electrical systems within the caravan industry as a service technician.

National Caravan Council (NCC) Training Academy Certification in Electrical Systems and Circuits.

This course expands upon the skill base of the technician who has completed the Electrical Testing and Inspection Course and allows them to safely and competently carry out a wider scope of electrical work as part of a touring caravan or motorhome service. It is described as Advanced Electrical Training for Caravan and Motorhome Service Technicians.

Gas Training

UK Regulations require all persons working with gas to either be instructed (supervised) or skilled (unsupervised and qualified to sign off gas work).

This qualification was formally known as ACoPs (Approved Codes of Practice)but has now been rebranded as STGW (Standards of Training in Gas Works). It is gas competence training for caravan and motorhome service technicians. It covers the key skills for gas safety; servicing, repairing and testing of the gas system and appliances; and issuing appropriate documentation.