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Standard Stowford Campervan Specification

The standard Stowford Specification includes

For reasons we can all understand it is usual for Campervan Convertors to provide a basic level of specification as standard in order to keep a forecourt price low. The extras list then tends to be long and expensive. Here at Stowford you will find that our standard specification is more comprehensive than most as we aim to prepare the complete package for the forecourt.  You can expect the Stowford standard specification to include the following:

  • Colour Coded Elevating Roof – We normally favour an SCA Roof as it is regarded as the best in the industry and has TUV Approval.  Occasionally we may convert using an alternative UK supplier as SCA Roofs from Germany can sometimes be hard to source at times of peak demand.  We also normally supply a roof bed and mattress as standard.
  • Side and rear windows installed all round to distance the vehicle from feeling like or appearing too much like a commercial  van.
  • Interior panels insulated and fully carpet lined.
  • Altro flooring fitted to a quality plywood base.
  • Attractive side running bars with integrated steps.
  • 18” alloy wheels.  Whilst 20” alloy wheels look great they are too big to comply with VW Warranty so we use 18” wheels as standard.
  • Waeco CRX50 12v Fridge – the latest model from the main supplier to the industry.
  • SMEV 9222 gas hob and sink.  Another Brand name which stands for proven quality and durability.
  • RIB bed/rear seat which we source directly from Scopema in France.  We really like the RIB seat as it is contoured for sitting/travelling like a car seat would be but is perfectly flat, like a mattress, when made into a bed.  There are certainly cheaper products on the market but in our opinion it is worth paying the extra for a RIB seat with integrated headrests.
  • Additionally, when the RIB Seat is installed using the Kiravans fitting bar and kit (a serious piece of metalwork that is profiled to fit under a VW chassis and the seat then fixes through both the floor and this bar) the installation comes with a Certificate to confirm this method has been tested and issued with an M1 Pull Test Certificate by the testing body STATUS in an ISO9001 certified production facility.
  • Kiravans double front seat swivel mechanism.  Once again, there are cheaper versions available but we believe this more expensive item is the best we have seen and is the one we would recommend.
  • Full suite of built in furniture including a removable table with dedicated storage area.
  • Mains 240v inlet and 2 internal sockets.  We even supply an electric hook up lead.  This electrical installation includes a Sargent Electrical Consumer unit (12v and 240v) wired to provide a battery charging facility, a split charging system, a mains RCD, 2 MCB trip switches and 12 v fuses.  All of this is controlled by the discrete and very modern looking Sargent Electronic Control panel.
  • Fresh water bottle with water pump and waste water container with necessary connecting pipework.
  • USB Sockets
  • LED internal lighting throughout – both functional and mood lighting options.  Together with our very own wooden roof lighting pelmet to match the furniture colour.
  • VAN-X complimentary black out curtains and front screen cover provided as standard.
  • Matching front and rear upholstery, either standard VW fabrics or a complete reupholster of all seats to compliment the furniture suite.
  • Smoke and Carbon Dioxide alarms.
  • Our own purpose designed and manufactured powder coated steel Gas Box. This steel box Gas box has been designed to comply with current Gas Regulations and standards.  This firstly includes locating the Gas Box in such a position to ensure it can only be opened whilst an external vehicle door is open. Secondly, the box includes the provision of a sealed door to contain any potential fire (we test this seal using a smoke bomb), a 50mm sill beneath the door to contain any gas leakage within the box, ventilation through the floor to allow any leaked gas to escape (gas is heavier than air so will fall), a fixed Gas regulator within the box and copper pipe where required as the orange hose only has a very limited life. All of this installation is then earth bonded to the electrical installation in order to prevent the possibility of Gas igniting due to a build-up of static electricity.