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VW Highline leather steering wheel
01 MAY 2017

Diary of a VW T5 Campervan Conversion

Have a look at the steps we take to create your perfect VW T5 campervan:

  1. Because most of these vehicles start life as commercial vans with basic levels of exterior trim, our first job is often to colour code bumpers and mirrors and add any spoilers for exterior looks. The front and rear bumpers have been removed from this van for re-spraying whilst works gets underway.
  2. The vehicle is then gutted ahead of insulating the sides, carpet lining throughout, cutting the apertures to fit the windows and cutting the hole for the elevating roof.
  3. The elevating roof is fitted – one of the bigger tasks!
  4. Windows are next.
  5. The front seats and the rear rock and roll bed are off being reupholstered.
  6. Then the focus is on the interior, both constructing the furniture and installing the services (water, electricity and gas) and appliances (fridge, sink and hob).
  7. Seats have all been upholstered and are ready to be refitted.
  8. At which point things start to come together and take shape.
  9. Curtains are one of the last items to fit.
  10. With bumpers and spoilers now colour coded and fitted, together with alloy wheels and any side bars also fitted, things start to look rather smart.
  11. Final touches…
  12. …now ready for the forecourt!