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VW T6 4 Berth with 5 seatbelts
09 MAY 2017

VW T5 Campervan Interior Fittings

  1. The interior fitout of a VW T5 Campervan is probably the more technical element requiring both a legal and working knowledge of gas systems, plumbing and electrical systems (both 12 volt and 240 volt) as well as basic joinery or DIY skills, upholstery skills and finally, an eye for detail! We start with an interior previously lined and floored but now empty, awaiting furniture. So firstly, we assemble the furniture outside the van:
  2. Then it is offered up inside the VW T5 Campervan for the first time to see how good the fit is going to be and whether or not there are any adjustments needed at this stage (there generally are!)
  3. Then the units are removed again and much of the work is then carried out laying the various services and utilities to the assembled furniture unit outside of the Campervan. This can take some time, without apparently showing much progress.
  4. Stowford regard the Gas Installation to be of primary importance at this stage and endeavour to achieve Gas Safe Certification for our own conversions. To this end we have manufactured our own Gas Box which meets the requirements of the legislation and gives consideration to issues such as:
    • A steel lined box
    • With a sealed door preventing Gas escape.
    • A 55mm door sill, meaning that in the event of a Gas leak a reservoir of Gas forms within the box.
    • Ventilation through the floor (Gas is heavier than air) so that the Gas has a route to the exterior in the event of a Gas leak.
  5. Then the assembled furniture is fitted inside the van and the fridge, sink and stove are connected to the various services and supplies.
  6. We have seen the electric hookup point variously located under the rear bumper, under the bonnet and in the engine bay. For our part, we prefer to locate this into the panel at the rear offside corner of the Campervan.
  7. It’s always surprising how much time is spent finishing things off with final fits of furniture, curtains, table tops, LED lights and mood lights.
  8. But when all is properly finished the results are fantastic!